We believe in the true and absolute power of bonded dentistry. There is no golden standard for strong and predictable isolation beyond rubber dam. We aim to help clinicians understand and bust myths and simplify the process of placing the rubber dam. Our one day workshop is completely clinically oriented with clinical simulation manikins to practice placement of the rubber dam on different teeth, with different clamps and floss tie techniques.

An Introduction

Aims and Objectives

  • Remove the fear factor from rubber dam placement
  • Simplifying dam placement and removal
  • Understanding different techniques of Dam Placement
  • Patient comfort
  • Absolute Isolation and partial isolation
  • Fluid Control
  • All types of Clamps
  • Theory on benefits and types of isolation

Hands On Clinical Manikin

  • Get familiar with different clamps, forceps, dams
  • Floss ties
  • Split Dam technique, Quadrant Isolation, Single Tooth Isolation.
  • Dam stabilization, and patient comfort
  • Photography with Dam on
  • Dam Removal
  • Dam Tears and troubleshooting