Frequent Asked Questions

The ORE is conducted by the General Dental Council UK- GDC. You can log on to the GDC website ( www.gdc-uk.org ) for more information about the application guidance. Further we can also assist you with the application for a fee.

You need to be an overseas qualified dentist with a BDS or equivalent Degree. You need the following documents along with your application form to be eligible to apply for the ORE
1) Covering Letter
2) Original Completed Form
3) BDS Degree ( Attested True Copy )
4) Passport all Pages ( Attested True Copy )
5) NARIC statement of Comparability ( Original can be obtained for NARIC website with college transcript )
6) IELTS Marksheet ( Original )
7) Certificate of Good standing ( Original – within 2 months date of application )
8) 2 Passport Size Photos Signed by Character reference at the back.

If you have recently completed your internship or are still in the internship program, you can not apply for the ORE with your provisional degree. You can only apply for the ORE with your absolute final degree from the university.

YES. The ORE is an exam conducted in English in England. The fastest way to provide proof of your english proficiency for sitting the ORE is the IELTS. You need to score a Minimum of 6.5 in reading ,listening,writing,speaking with an overall band score of 7 minimum. For any reason if you are unable to score this there is a chance your application might not go through. There is a form called the English proficiency form in case you cannot score above 7. But the chances of this being accepted as proof of english are not guaranteed. If you are unable to score above 7 band score in the IELTS after multiple attempts, get in touch with us.

You will receive a confirmation email from the exam application team saying they have received your documents and are processing your application. In case they require any further documents they will send you an email. They will send an email to your clinical hours and character reference signee to confirm your credentials. This process can take anything between 2-4 weeks.

You will receive an email from the GDC stating that your application is processed, and you can now create an eGDC account. The eGDC account is a platform where you have to create a username / password to sign in and book your exam for part I and part II. Once your clear your Part II the same eGDC username / password is used to register and make payments for your registration, maintain your CPD hours ( Continuing Professional Development ).

The ORE is an exam widely subscribed by dentists from all over the world looking to migrate to the uk. On the day of the booking there are dentists from all over the world looking to book this exam. When you decide to give the ORE there is always a possibility you might not get the exam booking for the date you wish and have to try again for the next scheduled exam after 6 months. Hence we ask students to factor in this delay before making a decision to take the ORE. Having said that we have had students who have managed to book and clear both parts within a span of 8 months. So it is very subjective.
There are a few guidelines, tricks to increase your chances of getting the online booking. We try our best to guide students so they get the booking in their first attempt.

People sign in and try to book part I from all over the world. They have a capacity of over 150 seats per sitting and it is held 2 times a year. Unless you are extremely unlucky, or have internet issues, usually candidates get a booking for part I in their first try.

ORE part 1 is a fairly straight forward computer based MCQ Exam. We believe that you do not require physical coaching to re-teach all the theory you already know through your BDS. We will provide you a study plan, and all the materials , notes, resources, Question Bank and MCQ books through our online study portal (baydentalinstitute.teachable.com). Access to this portal will be 24/7. We will keep track of your progress remotely and set deadlines based on your exam target date. We will add you to the batch whatsapp group for hand holding wrt your application and individual progress. We do not hold any physical tuitions for part 1, but we provide a targetted guidance with all the study material and resources for your prep and the students can follow the plan and pace themselves based on their available time.

Yes, if you have plenty of free time during your internship it is the best time to prepare for your ORE part 1 theory exam. You can sign up and we will provide you all the guidance and access to our online portal, but you need to understand that your application to sit the ORE will proceed only once you have your FINAL BDS DEGREE in your hand AFTER completion of internship etc.

All the study resources and study material will be accessible to you online 24/7 through our online portal (baydentalinstitute.teachable.com)for part 1. We have moved away from shipping physical notes post COVID as we believe this is more efficient and gives us better chances of constantly updating our study resources and checking the students progress. Many of the materials are free to download so you can download and print the books, MCQ books etc. Proprietary Notes etc are for online view only but you can access them anytime till you clear your Part 1 with accesibility 24/7.Physical Hard copy bound books when you come for part 2 training to our center.

Once you sign up for part 1 theory guidance you will be provided immediate access to our ORE part 1 online training portal (baydentalinstitute.teachable.com) where we have explained in detail the entire application process and followed by a simple phase wise preparation for your ORE part 1 with Videos, Books, Notes, MCQ practice books, and feedback question bank. You will get access to this portal till you clear your part 1. All the resources are accessible online 24/7 and we will be guiding and checking your progress along the way. We will also add you to the respective batch whatsapp group for discussions and problem solving. We will be hand holding you through your application process. We have moved away from shipping physical notes to an online accessible system 24/7 post COVID which is more practical and efficient.

We will provide 24/7 access to our online training portal (baydentalinstitute.teachable.com) where you will follow the below plan and we will monitor your progress
Phase 1 :- Specific Theory Topics to be revised from Basic + Clinical Science
Phase 2 :- UK based MCQ practice books
Phase 3:- Previous Years Question Bank Solving
Phase 4 :- Online Mock exams and Revision
All the above phases will be online through our portal and we will monitor your progress and provide training and guidance simultaneously.

All the Ebooks for revising your theory and solving MCQ's , BDA advice sheets etc are downloadable. There are also notes to revise the entire theory topics from oxford handbooks of clinical and basic sciences that are exhaustive and prepared by us specifically for the ORE.
There is also the entire question bank which has over 7000 questions that have come in the previous years ORE exams.
All the Ebooks , BDA Advice sheets are downloadable. However proprietary training material such as the notes and the entire question bank is not downloadable as it is not fair to us if students download and freely share our proprietary teaching resources that we have prepared over years of research and hardwork. For example if you are paying for these how would you feel if another student managed to procure them free of charge?
Having said that you will have access to the portal 24/7 , 365 days of the year till you clear your part 1. So you can log in as many times as you like to access the resources.All the Ebooks and BDA advice sheets are free to download. Only our special proprietary resources are for online viewing only with no limit on the number of times you log on. However there is an IP lock on sharing your username and password. Which means if someone logs on with your username password from another pc your account will get locked. This is for security reasons and to deter students from sharing their log in credentials with someone who has not signed up for our coaching.
Further we will also be sending you links for online mock exams once you get closer to your exam once you have secured the booking.

Once your application is processed and you have an active eGDC account, the GDC will email you and announce on the latest information page on www.gdc-uk.org when are the dates for the booking for part I. The time the booking will open will be mentioned. You will be required to sign into your eGDC account on that day / time to book your seat for the part I. People try to book this exam from all over the world.

The UK Immigration authorities have a special Short visit student Visa Called a Type C visa for such exams. You can apply under that. You will be required to show sufficient funds for your trip, your exam booking confirmation, and state that you wish to return after the exam. Many candidates plan and travel on a tourist visa. While there is nothing wrong with that, we urge all candidates to state the true purpose for travel with all supporting papers. Usually if you have the exam booking confirmation, sufficient funds and supporting documents, the UK visa for the exam is granted. It is a 6 months Short term Multiple Entry type C special student visa.

Part 1 has 2 papers. Paper 1 is basic sciences and paper 2 is clinical sciences. 200 computer based MCQ exam in 3 hours. It is conducted on 2 separate days at Kings College Campus Close to London Bridge. Light reading for 2 months followed by 2 months thorough question bank training and critical elimination technique is required to pass part I. You can prepare for this exam while working. We advise candidates to take the last 1 month off to study full time.

You require only 50% pass percentage to pass part I. which means 100+ questions ( Out of 200 ) correct for paper I and paper II INDIVIDUALLY. If you pass in 1 paper and get 49 in the other paper you are considered fail and have to take BOTH papers again.

Once you pass your ORE part 1, then you get the required training and practice for getting ready for ORE part 2, which is a practical exam. For part 2 you will be required to sign up and come to our center for the different module trainings, and mock exams etc. Do not book your part 2 till you have reached a certain level of preparation as it is an expensive exam and every attempt costs money.

Yes, in case you have undergone your basic ORE part 2 training elsewhere or are preparing on your own and need help with only a specific module, You can book that module and come to our center and we will guide you for that module. We also provide module specific mocks if required.

First of all, we do not provide any discounts as we a professional body providing ethical services and do not entertain any discounts for multiple students / husband + wife signing up together. Further it is in your interest to pay for both parts separately as you clear both parts one by one and pay as you progress. For any reason if you pay us for both parts and decide to discontinue / fail / give up we will not refund any fees. So it's best you pay for the course as you progress on your ORE journey. It is in your interest.

Part 2 is a very clinically exhaustive exam. They exam in itself is not tough, but many candidates buckle under pressure and stress leading to silly mistakes. The key to cracking part II is thorough preparation, cool mindset and clear, clean delivery on each day of the modules.

We hear of many candidates who move to the UK this way. However we do not advise this route as for any reason if you are unable to clear part II, or take very long to do so, you risk your legal status etc. We advise you to maintain your current professional status in your home country, prepare and take part I and Part II without giving up the security of your current job, only once you have cleared part II, and have decided to move to the UK should you give up your current professional job. Similarly many candidates take up PHD positions, studies in universities in a bid to move. The decision is yours. We have started this center to help candidates avoid taking unnecessary career risks.

The ORE part 2 is the most exhaustive English based dental clinical examination conducted in the world. Each exercise is overlooked and marked individually by 3 separate examiners who are overlooked by 2 other invigilators from the GDC to ensure fairness and transparency. You cannot fail unless you have made gross errors and your marks don’t add up to a pass. If you are good and deserve to pass you will pass. Hard work and confidence on the day is key.

Once you have cleared Part II, you will receive as email stating you have passed and are now entitled to register as a dentist with the GDC. You will be required to resend a few documents to the GDC along with a form. Following processing you will be required to pay the annual fee for registration which is 800GBP. Also known as the Annual Retention Fee (ARF ) . The amount of ARF you pay depends on the month you register. For example if you want to register in june, your ARF will be 50% i.e 400GBP.

Once you Clear the ORE part 2, you are required to submit a few documents to the GDC UK to register as a dentist. Once that is done you will be on the register of the GDC and pay an ARF ( Annual Retention Fee ) to stay as a registered dentist in the UK. Further then once you have this registration you are allowed to seek jobs with practices and migrate to the UK. You will be required to keep paying the ARF to remain registered in the UK. If you are overseas and wish to move to the UK at a later stage you can deffer this payment and continue to pay again whenever you want to move to the UK after furnishing a few documents.

ORE part 1 the general pass % is above 70-80% per attempt.
ORE part 2 the general pass % in below 35% per attempt.
So far we have had a 100% record for ORE part 1.
For Part 2 we have had 70% pass record in the first attempt. This is also because we get many students who joined us only for mock exams and 1 day courses. The students we have trained completely for 1-2 months prior to their exam thoroughly have passed part 2 in their first attempt. ( Dr. Aljeeta Kadam / Dr. Mohammed Kadiwala )
To be safe we advise all students to factor in 2 attempts for part 2.

Both parts are held in London ( UK ). The cost to book part I is About 800 GBP and part two is 2800 GBP. Flights / accommodation extra. Every additional attempt is chargeable.

We provide different packages for part I and Part II depending on your requirement and budget. ( see Store / Book a Course ). For Part II you will be required to purchase a dental manikin to practice the manikin exercised at home / your practice. While we can provide guidance and training for part I remotely, we urge candidates to at least spend 3 days with us for part II training for us to be of effect.

The easiest and fastest way to pay is as soon as you book with a credit card. We urge all candidates who wish to sit the ORE to have a credit card with a limit to pay for the exam while booking. International Credit / Debit card for online transactions are easier to book and pay online immediately.

Yes, once you pass the ORE through Bay Dental Institute, we have strategic contract partnerships as recruiters with practices and corporate chains in the UK who are looking to hire qualified Dentists who have passed the ORE immediately. We can guarantee you an interview immediately as soon as you pass the exam. If you are a suitable candidate then the company will start the visa sponsorship process. We have successfully set up interviews and placed candidates in Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland. However this service is only applicable to candidates who sign up with us for ORE part 2.

Yes, once you pass the ORE through Bay Dental Institute, we have strategic contract partnerships as recruiters with practices and corporate chains in the UK who are looking to hire qualified Dentists who have passed the ORE immediately. We can guarantee you an interview immediately as soon as you pass the exam. If you are a suitable candidate then the company will start the visa sponsorship process. We have successfully set up interviews and placed candidates in Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland. However this service is only applicable to candidates who sign up with us for ORE part 2.

Once you clear the ORE part 2. You will register with the GDC UK as a licensed Dentist. Following this you will interview with different companies / practices who wish to employ you. Once you are accepted and a formal job offer , contract is signed , your employer has to give you a visa sponsorship letter. Once you receive this you begin the visa formalities to migrate on a Tier 2 Work Visa which is usually for 5 years based on the contract. This visa can be extended on contract extension. On completing 5 years of work and paying taxes in the UK you maybe eligible for PR / Citizenship.

There will always be opportunities in the UK. Post Brexit , the UK is no longer a desirable destination for European Dentist who until now enjoyed better remuneration due to a strong Pound. This is no longer true and many european dentists no longer prefer to move to the UK. There will also be a new points based immigration policy for the UK post brexit. Based on the new points based system Dentists will fall in the Minimum points required ( 70 points ) system to migrate legally once they secure a job.

Once you pass the ORE you will be registered with the GDC as a GDP ( General Dental Practitioner ). If you have an MDS from your country of origin, once you are registered with the GDC as a GDP you can forward your Masters Degree from a recognised University and get registered as a specialist for an additional fee. Further holding an MDS improves your employability. However, If you have a MDS in Maxillo Facial Surgery , this rule does not apply as you are required to do an MBBS + MAXFAX again in the UK. You can do Minor Oral Surgical procedures if you wish to not do MAX FAX again.

Yes. If you are a specialist in your home country, after you have passed the ORE and registered with the GDC, you can also register with your MDS / Specialist Degree if it is from a recognized institution. However while applying for the ORE they only require your BDS degree.

As of January 2020, there is no provision for Visa sponsorship and migration to the UK as a Dental Therapist / Hygienist. There are students who somehow go to the UK as a student and then register as a Hygienist / Therapist and try to crack the ORE. Personally we do not encourage or endorse this route as it is risky, if your visa status expires, and you have not managed to book or crack the ORE you will be left to either stay back illegally or return to your country of origin. We suggest cracking the ORE from your own country and then migrating legally with a Visa Sponsorship once you have secured a job.

We get asked this question a lot.

Fundamentally there are two issues with taking this route. First of all the application paperwork for the process for getting registered as a therapist, hygienist in the UK is very tedious and technique sensitive. We have had students who have tried to apply and their applications got rejected on account of faulty / insufficient documentation. To get your application in order smoothly you would require the services of a local consultant based in the UK that would charge you GBP 1000-1500 for this service. We have tried to help students with this but found the process very difficult so had discontinued this service as we believe in concentrating on the ORE which we specialise in.

Secondly as of 2020, there will be a new point based immigration system to migrate to the UK as a skilled immigrant. This would entail you having a minimum salary / points based system based on which you will be allowed to immigrate to the UK legally after securing a work contract and visa sponsorship letter. Unfortunately based on this new system, hygienist / therapist do not fall into the category as the basic minimum base salary being offered does not fall into the minimum points bracket of 60 points. Dentists can legally seek a job contract and visa sponsorship based on this system as their points based system comes to 70 points.

Working as a therapist / hygienist / Dental Nurse makes sense only if you have an already secure pathway of living in the UK legally through marriage or otherwise.

Further you need to also realise for any reason if you are unable to book / crack the ORE within the stipulated time , and / or fail to clear the exam and give up, if you are ok risking return to your country if you do not secure a job as a hygienist / therapist or if you are ok mentally to accept that you will spend the rest of your life working as auxiliary staff in the uk when you are actually a qualified dentist. This same risk applies to students who look to migrate as students , PHD , Public health courses and can not clear the exam within the time that they are there and risk returning to India.

Would strongly advise you to consider all factors before taking decisions. Our route is the longest but also the most secure and safest where we ask you to train and take both parts from the security of your home country and only once you have passed both parts and secured a job and visa sponsorship do you migrate without taking any undue career risk.

Personally this route is risky for 2 reasons. Sometimes many students do not manage to get the online booking for either ORE part 1 and/or part 2. Further for any reason you are unable to clear both parts in your first attempt and/or do not get the booking, your course and student visa might run out. In this situation, staying back in the UK becomes risky. Further cracking part 2 while you are simultaneously a student is quite challenging. We advise to attempt and crack both parts from the security of your country and migrate legally after securing a job and Visa Sponsorship.

There is no additional degree or qualification you require to place implants in the UK other than an increased Indemnity Insurance. But you will have to gain the confidence of the practice principal to allow you to place implants , do major surgical work. It is advisable to first get integrated into the practice properly, and once settled into the practice and have gained trust with your practice principal etc to slowly get into surgical dentistry.

Once you pass the ORE. You can choose to register immediately with the GDC or whenever you are ready to move. You can also register for that particular year and receive you GDC registration number and certificate. The Following year if you wish to not move, or pay the Annual Retention Fee ( ARF ), you can write to the GDC of the same, they will take you off the register, and you do not have to pay the ARF. At any point in the future if you wish to move, you can simply pay the fees for that year and go back onto the register. You will not be required to take the ORE again or pay any Fine. You will have to ensure your CPD hours are ongoing during your time off the register.

After passing the ORE, you have an option to work in a 100% private practice or a NHS hospital / practice. If you are able to secure a job contract in a 100% private practice you do not need a VT. To work with the NHS you require something known as a performer number. This performer number can be obtained only after you have undergone something known as a Vocational Training ( VT ). Vocational Training where you are part of a NHS practice where they overlook and train you in the workings of the NHS after which you receive this performer number. Once you receive this performer number you are free to seek a job in any NHS practice, hospital across the UK.

Please log onto www.bdjjobs.com to get an idea of this.

I get asked this question a lot. I have given the ORE and passed and have my registration as an option. As of now I am enjoying my practice and life. But at any point in the future if I decide to move I already have the registration. The reason I started this center is to help candidates who have potential but no guidance to crack this exam but do not wish to travel to the UK for training / guidance.

Continuing professional Development ( CPD ) is a requirement by the GDC to ensure continuing professional development of dentists. You have to have verifiable proof of 100 hours of CPD courses , training, conference over 5 years. This can be done in any part of the world. Does not have to be in the UK only. Further many UK based websites offer the service for a small fee.

Yes, the coaching for part 1 is completely online through our online portal (baydentalinstitute.teachable.com) However for part II as it is a clinical based exam we would strongly advise to come physically for our 5-7 day part 2 program followed by online guidance and to return for physical mock exams to check your preparedness. Following which we can advise you to book and take single module trainings depending on how weak you are in a particular module or to practice and return for another clinical mock exam.

We have a fully equipped physical training center which exam type frasaco manikins, with all tutors having undergone the exams and passing successfully. A lot of individuals providing guidance overseas are doing so part time from their homes, over skype, whatsapp etc. While we do not question the quality of the guidance, we are a proper center providing a full time set up and guidance to candidates who do not wish to travel to the UK for guidance / training. Having gone through the entire process ourselves we have a clear understanding of what is required to pass this exam. We have extensive knowledge of the weakness of different candidates and how to overcome them. We wish to train you of the mistakes you will make on the day of the exam, and to not make them. Also our center is based in India, it is also more affordable to take the training here as opposed to travelling to the UK for the exam training.

Check out our Book a course. However we only like to work with candidates who are hardworking, focused and serious about passing this exam.

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