The Overseas Registration Exam (ORE) is a licensing Exam conducted by the General Dental Council ( GDC ) UK for overseas Dentists who wish to migrate and practice in the United Kingdom as a licensed Dentist.

It is a 2 part exam. Part I is theory based MCQ exam requiring 50% pass individually followed by part II exam which is a practical exam. Both exams are held in London many times a year. After Passing part II the candidate is eligible to register with the GDC, and seek a job as a dentist with the NHS / Private practice/ Hospital in the UK (Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Wales) (NOTE:- Except Dublin)

ORE Curriculum

The ORE part 1 covers basic and clinical sciences . An overall knowledge of dentistry is required to crack part 1. Our ORE part 1 guidance package provides all the materials and a study plan you require to crack ORE part 1. Once you clear part 1 , part 2 is a clinical practical exam which has 4 modules. We provide physical training and practice sessions for this exam. All the study material will be provided and our training will be at our manikin center for this part. As this is a practical exam we ensure the candidates get as much practical training and practice at our center before they book the exam.

Our Alumni

Current Batches

Part I - August 2020 - Application + Part I guidance

Dr. Harishree Talarimanju - Goa / UK
Dr. Tanmay Sabnis - Mumbai
Dr. Neha Pednekar - Mumbai
Dr. Anu John - Kerala
Dr. Afrah Jaffer Khan - Mumbai / UK
Dr. Preethi Agnes - Chennai
Dr. Rohit Upadhyay - Mumbai
Dr. Sanya Khan - Hyderabad
Dr. Nimisha Sadikh - Kerala
Dr. Bizenzah C P - Kerala
Dr. Devang Deshpande - Mumbai
Dr. Unnavi Chauhan - Delhi
Dr. Ruhul Sayed - Hyderabad
Dr. Tanaya Pal - Mumbai
Dr. Prashant Bipin Shah - Mumbai
Dr. Anshul Sharma - Lucknow
Dr. Arshi Mughal - Jammu
Dr. Mansi Sumaria - Mumbai
Dr. Nimmy Joseph - Banglore

Part I - 2018 - Application + Part I Guidance

Dr. Aditi Ghai - London (Cleared First Attempt)

Part II - 2018 - Training + Mocks

Dr. Aljeeta Kadam - Ireland (Cleared First Attempt)
Dr. Meenakshi Ray - United Kingdom (Cleared First Attempt)

Part II - Sept 2019 - Mock Tests Batch

Dr. Vishal Kabre - Mumbai (Cleared first attempt)
Dr. Jhaveria Naaz - London (Cleared third attempt)

Part II - Comprehensive Training

Dr. Tanvi Maru - Gujrat (Yet to appear)

Part II - January 2020 - Training + Mocks

Dr. Pooja - Gujrat
Dr. Mohammed Kadiwala - Mumbai (Cleared first attempt)

Part I - April 2022 - Application + Part I Guidance

Dr. Afrah Kazi (Cleared first attempt)

Part II - April 2022

Dr. Twinkle Sudhir Shah (Cleared first attempt)

Our Students In Action