Our Photography Examples

Course Curriculum

In our Dental Photography hands on training we aim to equip the general and specialist practitioner with the knowledge and skills they need to implement an excellent standard of photography into clinical practice. This course will aim to help develop your understanding of key concepts in photography such as equipment , setting, lighting as well as improve consistency and creativity. A unique hands on opportunity to improve your documentation and experiment and have fun with accessories and advanced lighting.

Aims And Objectives

  • Use of dental photography, consent
  • Learn about the camera and different settings
  • Understand lighting and how it affects image composition
  • Different views and how to record a full series of clinical case documentation
  • Take artistic images of your lab work and armamentarium
  • Shade matching, cross polarized filter, image editing

Theory And Demonstration

  • Clinical and creative uses of dental photography in practice
  • Equipment considerations and necessary investment
  • Settings and functions explained. Standard settings in dentistry
  • Lighting
  • Clinical views for full case series documentation
  • Errors in settings, light etc – trouble shooting

Hands On

  • Full clinical series documentation
  • Try different settings and angles
  • Artistic Documentation
  • Experimentation and fun with different props and lights / flashes